I was turned on to this instagram account by a Swedish friend about a year ago an it’s absolutely brilliant. Hans Malm captures people in and around Stockholm on their smartphones unknowingly to them. By showing how connected we are, he undoubtedly shows how disconnected we are to each other. This concept is not anything new and something that we all struggle with the realities of everyday but somehow he manages to make it look fresh. His photographic eye and use of light, space and shadow doesn’t hurt either. Follow him here. And check out his book here.

Hans Malm3Hans Malm5Hans Malm2Hans Malm4Hans Malm6Hans Malm7Hans MalmHans Malm9Hans Malm8

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  1. Great article and something I notice while making art in public all the time. We have the access to be so connected so easy, but really are we? Thanks for sharing this one!

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