How it all began.

Two years ago the idea of was born out of deep personal reflection. I was working 80 hour weeks on the normal and had lost sight of the very thing that brought me to go back to school to create a new life for myself and at the time retire from competitive show jumping. Once again, I had lost my creativity. I tend to throw myself into work at an aggressive pace becoming obsessed by results and driven by success metrics.  This is no ones fault but my own and as I grow up I’m becoming quicker at seeing the warning signs. But out of conflict comes positive growth. So today, I am extremely excited to launch my person project to the world. She The Huntress.

Probably only a few people are ever going to read this post but it is important to me to reflect and remember on why it came to being. I look at so much content every day and I’m constantly inspired and impressed by the amount of talent that is around us. Instead of all these beautiful images just being captured in a fleeting moment, I will share them here for us all to enjoy. My personal aesthetic of what I think is beautiful, special and unique.

Here’s a look behind the curtain at a sketch I drew in those initial brainstorming sessions. Pretty darn close to where it ended up.




One thought on “How it all began.

  1. Well, I read it! 😉 Well done and great job in launching this creative endeavor. I’m sure it will be 100-times more rewarding than you would ever imagine!

    It’s interesting to see that your logo looks like eyelashes, as well as the antlers of a buck or moose. Very Canadian of you! See you around the neighborhood soon.

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