The Big Egg Hunt NY

Fabergé is putting to shame any Easter Egg hunt you’ve ever participated in. Today, New York City, launches the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt; a city wide hunt for 275 egg sculptures that stand 2.5 feet tall, designed by the likes of Jeff Koons, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Emma Clegg, Peter Max, Warby Parker and soooo many more. This is unlike any egg hunt you’ve ever participated in though. It’s a true 21st century scavenger hunt run through a mobile app, of course. Each egg is equipped with a beacon that allows people to find it via their smartphone, check-in and receive information on who designed it. The eggs will remain hidden around the city until ten people check-in and then the egg’s location becomes public via the app on an interactive map. Participants who check in will be eligible for some awesome lux Fabergé prizes.

But that’s not all, The Big Egg Hunt is a 100% charitable event benefiting Studio in a School, bringing visual arts to underprivileged New York City children and Elephant Family, saving the endangered Asian elephant and their habitat.

The official city wide hunt runs from April 1st-17th. Then the eggs will be moved to Rockefeller Center in NY and be on display as a group from April 18th-28th when they’ll finally be auctioned off by Sotheby’s and online auctioneer Paddle8. However, you can start bidding now online. So go get yourself an egg!

London hosted this event in 2012 as well as Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and Dublin in 2013. See image below from those Egg Hunts and my favorite Eggs created for NYC.

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And here’s a sampling of my favorite NY eggs available for Auction at Paddle8. Find out who designed them (and bid on them) here.

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Learn more about the event here. Download the Mobile App here. Check out the auction and bid on Eggs here.

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