Shohei Takasaki

Originally from Japan, Shohei Takasaki has shown all over the world and is now living and working in Portland, Oregon. I personally swoon over his use of rich, bold colors and their relationship to simple, deliberate yet delicate lines. I love how you can see the path his work has taken over the years; how it’s evolved and morphed into new techniques while still embodying the same raw emotion. His most recent simple line work with the pop of color is my favorite.

All month long, Shohei will be live painting in the W+K Gallery Space. For those of you in Portland I would highly recommend popping down and checking it out. Not only is it displayed beautifully, but also watching him work is incredible. You can see the evolution of the painting in a dark room on site and if you happen to catch a word with him, he couldn’t be lovelier.

Below find a sampling of his work and check out his site here.

Shohei_Takasaki4 Shohei_Takasaki3 Shohei_Takasaki2 Shohei_Takasaki13 Shohei_Takasaki14Shohei_Takasaki11Shohei_Takasaki9Shohei_TakasakiShohei_Takasaki7Shohei_Takasaki10Shohei_Takasaki6Shohei_Takasaki5Shohei_Takasaki12Shohei_Takasaki8