Yo Vintage!

One of my favorite vintage stores in Portland for women is Yo Vintage! They’re a small shop in SW Portland just off of Burnside. Each piece on the rack instantly feels special. This is due in no small part to the picking and buying abilities of the owner Sarah Radcliffe but also in the entire atmosphere of the store. Saying it’s a well-curated space is an understatement; it’s an intimate experience. Carrying not only vintage but a variety of artisan goods including a thoughtfully chosen selection of jewelry, clutches, hats, stationary, cosmetics and sun glasses allows the space to take on a unique point-of-view all its own. It’s so refreshing to walk into a store and be able to absorb not only the experience but also legitimately appreciate the quality and craft of items without being overwhelmed.

Below is their Spring 2014 Lookbook. I’m so impressed by the production of these. As a vintage lover, buyer and past seller I definitely understand the tediousness of cataloging vintage pieces as they’re one of a kind. But as you can see this only adds to Yo Vintage! charm.

Check out their site here. And next time you’re in PDX I would highly recommend checking them out!

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Images via Yo Vintage!