Dine Al Fresco

The only thing I like better than a hot summer night spent eating a delicious meal and drinking fabulous wine is doing it with friends. The weather has officially changed here in Portland and the evenings are starting to become a lot warmer so my first dinner party is definitely on the horizon. I’ve been digging on Pintrest for some inspiration lately and have amassed quite a collection of beautiful images of outdoor dinner parties that I thought I’d better share.

One of the best things about hosting a big dinner party is how mismatchy everything gets in order to serve the larger-than-normal amount of people. For me this is where the real beauty of it all comes from and only adds to the charm of dining outside; an eclectic mix of plates, serving platters, silverware and stemware that have all been brought together in order to bring friends together.

The best way I’ve found to anchor the chaos is to go simple on the tablecloth and decorations. I personally like to use butcher paper. Then repeat plants and candles down the center of the entire table. I like to use succulents. From there, let the wine, food and company bring it to life. However, I really like the brightness of some of the tables below, especially the stripes. Most importantly you can tell some great stories were told and heard around these tables. The moral of the story is you can’t go wrong so don’t let the fact that you don’t have an entire matching table set for 12 hold you back. This is one of the times where the beauty is in the chaos. So let the below be some inspiration to pick a date and send out the invite. Time is of the essence!

SummerDinnerParty13 SummerDinnerParty11SummerDinnerParty9SummerDinnerParty12SummerDinnerParty10 SummerDinnerParty8SummerDinnerParty7SummerDinnerParty6SummerDinnerParty5SummerDinnerParty4SummerDinnerParty3SummerDinnerParty2SummerDinnerParty

For original image source head over to STH Pintrest.