I first came across MEEP! in my Instagram feed, while actually MEEP!’s illustrations. I’m a huge illustration fan and when I see things for kids that are both sophisticated and beautifully produced I take notice. With further research I found out that the illustrations are in fact for an interactive children’s book and the inspiration behind the book will make you want to buy it on the spot.

Andy Geppert, MEEP!’s author, illustrator and creator, found himself consoling his six year old daughter one day after school because she was being teased for being small and her friend for having red hair. The fact that this was happening so early in his daughter’s life made him sad, got him thinking and the rest is history. So, beside’s being aesthetically beautifully, MEEP! has a purpose and was born from a pure place, to celebrate the differences in each of us and promote sharing. MEEP is about individuality and being proud and confident to be, well, you.

Andy worked in Advertising as an Art Director for ten years before changing to focus solely on producing beautiful digital illustrations that speak to our inner child. His first book Little Big Tree, was a joint winner of the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Crichton Award 2010 and his digital illustrations are displayed in boutiques and galleries. Which means you can also purchase prints. Fabulous.

Lucky for us because Andy has generously agreed to make MEEP! free for STH readers for two weeks from this post date. So hurry up and download the app here!

He also has created a handful of beautifully designed printable activity sheets (displayed below) that are available for free download here. And if you’re in the market for some affordable prints for your child’s room, check those out here.

Meep Meep2 Meep3 Meep6 Meep5 Meep4 Meep7 Meep10Meep11 Meep12 Meep13Meep14 Meep15 

All images from Andy Geppert via Meep!