Lee Coren

I love a good clutch, tote and of course, cross body messenger. Couple great styling of these with thoughtful handcrafted textiles that are independently designed and you’ve got a lifelong fan in me. Lee Coren hits the mark on every level with her dynamic collection of everyday essentials.

Each Lee Coren piece is created from handmade, screen printed fabric originally designed or printed from photographs. I’m currently obsessed with textiles of any kind made from photographic imagery and her Landscape Clutches are no exception. Depending on what design the textile is used for each piece of photography takes on a new abstract form. It’s a modern way to transform organic visuals.

But better yet, is the diversity of her collections. Each take on their own distinct personality but are still rooted in the urban and natural juxtaposition from which the label was born. My favorite collection is below, Lookbook 3, because it makes me think of summer which we are currently basking in. But her Fall collection in Lookbook 4 is moody and organic yet urban and sexy. Pretty much what Fall is all about, right?!

Lee Coren is handcrafted and designed in Tel Aviv, Israel. But don’t worry! You can purchase online here. And for those of you in Portland, you can find a few handpicked pieces at our favorite local jewelry design boutique, Betsy & Iya.

Even more fun, follow Lee Coren on FB and IG for studio pics and insights into her creative process.





All images via Lee Coren. Model Natasha Boguslavsky. Photography by Aya Wind.


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  1. So well said! You capture all the things we love about Lee Coren, too. Thanks so much for the shout out; we’re so happy to have her in the shop <3

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