Province of Canada

Welcome to Province of Canada, your new favorite leisurewear supplier. Of course, I was instantly won over by the name. Any time I can show my patriotism I’m game. But usually this type of Canadian patriotic styling comes in red and well, red is really not my color so you can imagine my excitement. After a quick peruse of their site, I knew this was more than just patriotism. Their line is something I’d actually want to wear, correction, live in. And after now having my crew neck sweatshirt for a few weeks I can confidently confirm that I have worn it almost everyday. It’s perfect for a cozy night in or paired with skinnies and heels for a casual day look. The simple branding is versatile and modern and I love that it’s a classic throwback to the 90’s and the years of CK Calvin Cline, Club Monaco and GAP sweatshirts that we all used to live in.

I have a feeling this is only the beginning for Province of Canada. They’ve hit the scene with a great first collection but the leisurewear and accessory possibilities are endless. From a branding and photography angle they’ve hit the nail on the head and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next. They have a strong identity and voice that feels very modern Canadian, simple and unassuming yet beautiful and inviting. Trust me, one look at their Instagram feed and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Check out their site here and make sure to the play the Canadian Nickname Game. It’s just the kind of humor that makes me miss home and good for a harmless laugh. Plus when I got my package in the mail, it came with a handwritten note from “The Team”. Oh, and did I mention all the product is made in Canada. Seriously, I’m in love with everything about this company and not just because it’s Canadian… I swear!

Check out the imagery from their lookbook below.

provinceofcanada-visuals-summer201415 provinceofcanada-visuals-summer201414 provinceofcanada-visuals-summer201413 provinceofcanada-visuals-summer201412 provinceofcanada-visuals-summer201411 provinceofcanada-visuals-summer201410 provinceofcanada-visuals-summer20149 provinceofcanada-visuals-summer20148 provinceofcanada-visuals-summer20147_250abab4-8e72-4786-86b2-b9b818a08f25 provinceofcanada-visuals-summer20146 provinceofcanada-visuals-summer20145 provinceofcanada-visuals-summer20144 provinceofcanada-visuals-summer20143 provinceofcanada-visuals-summer20142 provinceofcanada-visuals-summer2014All images via Province of Canada.