Cherry Wood B&B

Anyone who knows me knows I like horses. And wine. And glamping. Now, combine all three of those together and you’ve got an undeniable winner.

Cherry Wood B&B is set just south of Yamika in the Zillah wine region. Owner Pepper, a long time cowgirl, has built the entire operation to be a place for her family to care for the land, each other and a place for people to come and feel free to be who they really are. Well if you can’t appreciate that, I’m not sure what you can!

But down to the nitty gritty details…


Cherry Wood takes glamping to the absolute next level and trust me I know! Accommodations are in beautifully appointed, traditionally built teepees outfitted in Pendleton wool blankets, live wood beds and a mini fridge complete with smores fixings. And it doesn’t end there. The bath house is something out of a dream. At check in, let Pepper know what time you’d like your soak. For me, there is no better experience than soaking under the vast summer night’s stars. In the morning, the artisan breakfast is farm fresh. Then it’s time to saddle up and go wine tasting by horseback. The only thing that could make this better would be if the farm duals as a horse rescue. And yup, it does. After complete rehabilitation if the horses are suitable for wine tasting tours, they join the troupe, if not, they find them a loving home. If riding horses aren’t your thing no worries, they have the “Cowboy Limo” which can get you from tasting to tasting.

Pepper and family have this dialed. I highly recommend a trip. Whether it be a romantic weekend or a girls trip (which I indulged in), Cherry Wood B&B won’t disappoint.

Spirit-of-the-Horse-Teepee-b Spirit-of-the-Horse-c CWBBB-Rendezvous-Teepee

CWBBB-Longhorn-Teepee CWBBB-Lone-Star-Teepee






All images via Cherry Wood B&B.