As a new NYC resident, I’m very excited to be exploring and finding new Makers to share.  I stumbled upon Scocha at the flagship store in Williamsburg just last weekend. The delicate but strong and colorful designs got me thinking heart shaped emojis everywhere.


Scosha’s story is a beautiful journey and her designs reflect it in every way. Australian born, Scosha made her way to America via a Brazil and the Amazon where she was inspired by the local people who wore vibrant but simple jewelry. Sometimes that was just a piece of brightly colored thread and a simple bead. It was this visual that inspired her signature braided bracelet. Every piece in every collection since then still rings true to this original inspiration.

All of Scosha’s designs are handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY where her talented team uses ancient techniques of metal craft, stone setting and weaving. In 2013 she also launched her fine jewelry collection consisting of precious stones along with 14 and 18 karat pieces. (Cue drool factor now.) Saying I’m obsessing over the Bar Lariat Gold necklace would be an understatement. Hint hint, wink wink.

It’s Scosha’s mission to create jewelry that is wearable on anyone, anywhere in the world. I am a true believer of things being wearable and have been really attracted to pieces that are more delicate lately. Could I be over the statement piece? Let’s not go that far! But there is something really genuine and authentic about being able to wear pieces day in and day out no matter what the outfit or venue. These gender neutral designs do just that and because of the quality of craftsmanship and materials they will stand the test of time too.

Check out her latest Fall collection below and for those of you not in Brooklyn, do not despair, Scosha’s e-comm site has got you covered!

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All images via Scosha.