Andrew Faris

I love colorful graphic art. I also love nature. Needless to say, Andrew Faris photographs of his paintings stopped me dead in my tracks.


Wanting to zig from the usual photograph of a painting on a gallery wall to showcase his work, Andrew drew inspiration from his surroundings in Jackson Hole, WY. By taking his paintings outside and pairing them with natural landscapes he creates a beautiful juxtaposition between the colorful and graphic against the natural and organic. The result is a work of art in itself.

Being able to bring together three things he loves, painting, photography and nature has been incredibly satisfying. Like the paintings, all the photographs are his. Taking his paintings into the outdoors has become an integral part of his process.

“I really enjoying taking my paintings for walks in the woods and mountains, along streams and rivers and creating these scenes. Finding alignments with my surroundings and paintings and photographing the installation. It is a nice bonding time for me and my paintings. After being inside the studio together it is nice to go for a walk. We get to create memories together.” – Andrew Faris

A simple concept always packs a powerful punch, especially when executed flawlessly. To check out all of Andrew’s work, head over to his site. Along with selling his original paintings, Andrew is now starting to make limited edition prints of his photographs. You can currently purchase a print of the photograph below on his site here with more to come soon. Enjoy some of my personal favorites below.

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All images via Andrew Faris.