Amy van Luijk

Amy van Luijk is one of those illustrators that just makes you smile. Her designs are nostalgic and evoke a certain whimsical charm to them. The color palettes, shapes, 2D style and subject matter, all reductive yet come together in a way that is warms the heart. Taking inspiration from her surroundings and picking up new colored paper everywhere she goes, Amy’s process includes a lot of cutting and pasting followed by hand drawn detail work. A pattern designer first, Amy has a breadth of experience under her belt including working for Meri Meri, which for any stationery junkies, is pretty much the holy grail of handmade cards and party favors. Below are some of my favorite designs, both from personal and commissioned pieces. Find Amy’s work on stationery, ceramics, canvas bags, book illustrations and more. Personally I think a few of these would make lovely wallpapers for children’s rooms especially the illustrated maps which you could customize for family heritage and interests. Possibilities are endless and the good news is, she is open to commissions and her patterns are licensable! Check out her entire portfolio here.

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All images via Amy Van Luijk.