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I am a Canadian living in NYC working in advertising. Being surrounded by the best creative minds in the world, I’ve grown to understand the importance of aesthetic and its effect on our daily lives. Finding our own personal aesthetic, takes time, practice and patience. It’s an ever evolving, moving target, but that’s what makes it so fun.

Art, culture and design are very important professionally and personally to me. We are so lucky to live in a world where people can and do create; photographers, fine artists, illustrators, designers (of all types), architects, authors, the list goes on. It is these creators who shape the future. I’m dedicated to hunting them down and sharing them here. Shethehuntress.com is an aggregator of my personal aesthetic and point-of-view on design, fashion and lifestyle through my daily findings.

With a background in horses (having ridden professionally for six years), appreciation for travel (lucky enough to have parents who passed on the bug), love for modern design (form follows function), and a brain hungry for learning (forever a student), I have a vibrant idea of how this beautiful life should be lived, highly curated and incredibly expressive.

Let me know what you think, share thoughts or to talk about collabs please get in touch: shethehuntress@gmail.com


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi.

    Like your blogg. Found it because you talk about Hans Malms photos “Mobilism”. I’m in the process of doing a book with these photos.

    I’m Design Director/Creative Director from Stockholm. Hope you like my work at uniform.se

    All the best. / Anders.

    1. Hi Anders,

      So great that you’re creating a book of Hans’ photographs. Looking forward to seeing the book and checking out your work. Please let me know when the book is due and publisher of where to buy.


  2. Hi,
    i am a weaver from Israel, and have my brand: Nulah-loom formed fashion.
    Nulah combine the traditional art of weaving with modern fashion to create wearable art.
    I would appreciate if you write on Nulah in your blog.
    Please look in the website for pictures and if yoy send me your mail address, I will send up to date pictures.
    looking forward to hear from you
    Ziva Epstein

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