Tulum in 3 Days

Tulum in 3 Days Tulum in 3 Days

Tulum is a magical place. Between the Caribbean blue water, the Mayan ruins, the other-worldly Cenotes, and chic boutique eco resorts, Tulum has an indescribable energy to it. Add a charming relaxed beach town, ocean front yoga and organic clean eating and you have my form of paradise.

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Amy van Luijk

Amy van Luijk Amy van Luijk

Amy van Luijk is one of those illustrators that just makes you smile. Her designs are nostalgic and evoke a certain whimsical charm to them. The color palettes, shapes, 2D style and subject matter, all reductive yet come together in a way that is warms the heart. Taking inspiration from her surroundings and picking up new colored paper everywhere … Continue reading Amy van Luijk

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Andrew Faris

Andrew Faris Andrew Faris

I love colorful graphic art. I also love nature. Needless to say, Andrew Faris photographs of his paintings stopped me dead in my tracks.

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Charlotte Stone

Charlotte Stone hasn’t skipped a beat after graduating from FIDM LA. Two weeks post graduation she was on a plane to Italy to make samples in Tuscany and the rest is history. Stepping out on her own under her self-named label, she is a unique talent. You need not 5 minutes scrolling her Tumbr to instantly … Continue reading Charlotte Stone

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Minimalist, modern, gold jewelry handmade in the United States with precious and semi-precious stones… It’s as if AOKO SU was crafted specifically with STH aesthetic in mind. This absolutely gorgeous jewelry line is everything I want out of personal adornments. They are delicate, yet strong and have just enough architectural interest to standout from the handfuls of minimalist gold jewelry … Continue reading AOKO SU

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Superfolk Superfolk

I often daydream of Ireland, romanticizing of the raw beautiful landscapes, cold damp weather and effortlessly country chic aesthetic. There’s just something so beautifully wild about it. Not to mention the Irish accent that makes me weak in the knees! – but that’s a topic for another day. 😉 Superfolk is inspired by Ireland and all of its romanic … Continue reading Superfolk

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Rolos & Icons

Rolos & Icons Rolos & Icons

Tony Peralta was born in the United States to Dominican immigrant parents and raised in New York City’s Washington Heights. A fashion accessories designer by trade Peralta was driven by political and social climates in his personal work. Specifically the cultural tensions experienced by those living in immigrant American communities. After a group art show ten years … Continue reading Rolos & Icons

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Scosha Scosha

As a new NYC resident, I’m very excited to be exploring and finding new Makers to share.  I stumbled upon Scocha at the flagship store in Williamsburg just last weekend. The delicate but strong and colorful designs got me thinking heart shaped emojis everywhere.

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Sicily Sicily

Personally Sicily was not on my radar until a good friend, who has family roots there, proposed a trip. Upon some deeper research, I wondered why it was the first time this angelic Italian island had been in my travel consideration set. Sitting on the map as the soccer ball of Italy’s boot, Sicily is an interesting cultural … Continue reading Sicily

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