Amy van Luijk

Amy van Luijk Amy van Luijk

Amy van Luijk is one of those illustrators that just makes you smile. Her designs are nostalgic and evoke a certain whimsical charm to them. The color palettes, shapes, 2D style and subject matter, all reductive yet come together in a way that is warms the heart. Taking inspiration from her surroundings and picking up new colored paper everywhere … Continue reading Amy van Luijk

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Andrew Faris

Andrew Faris Andrew Faris

I love colorful graphic art. I also love nature. Needless to say, Andrew Faris photographs of his paintings stopped me dead in my tracks.

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Rolos & Icons

Rolos & Icons Rolos & Icons

Tony Peralta was born in the United States to Dominican immigrant parents and raised in New York City’s Washington Heights. A fashion accessories designer by trade Peralta was driven by political and social climates in his personal work. Specifically the cultural tensions experienced by those living in immigrant American communities. After a group art show ten years … Continue reading Rolos & Icons

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Woof Models

Woof Models Woof Models

If you’ve checked out my instagram feed you know I’m a big fan of animals. Dogs especially… My dog, extra especially. Dog portraiture on the other hand… not my favorite. That’s why when I stumbled across Woof Models I was pleasantly surprised. After a deeper look, I was seriously impressed at not only the modern and fresh … Continue reading Woof Models

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Rebekah Miles

Rebekah Miles Rebekah Miles

Seriously though, check out these amazing hand-painted book covered by Rebekah Miles. Originally a ceramics painter, her love for painting something sculptural and functional led her to start extending her talent to book covers. She takes inspiration from the book itself to create the design, whether that be an image or content, and reimagines it … Continue reading Rebekah Miles

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Shohei Takasaki

Shohei Takasaki Shohei Takasaki

Originally from Japan, Shohei Takasaki has shown all over the world and is now living and working in Portland, Oregon. I personally swoon over his use of rich, bold colors and their relationship to simple, deliberate yet delicate lines. I love how you can see the path his work has taken over the years; how … Continue reading Shohei Takasaki

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The Odyssey and Oracle

The Odyssey and Oracle The Odyssey and Oracle

Leah Faser is Sydney based artist and emerging talent to watch, per Vogue Living Australia and I couldn’t agree more.  Her lyrical paintings and ceramics are full of raw emotion, rich in storytelling and are just plain strange. Taking inspiration from folk mythologies and children’s tales her characters travel through a deep spiritual journey, connected … Continue reading The Odyssey and Oracle

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