Charlotte Stone

Charlotte Stone hasn’t skipped a beat after graduating from FIDM LA. Two weeks post graduation she was on a plane to Italy to make samples in Tuscany and the rest is history. Stepping out on her own under her self-named label, she is a unique talent. You need not 5 minutes scrolling her Tumbr to instantly … Continue reading Charlotte Stone

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Minimalist, modern, gold jewelry handmade in the United States with precious and semi-precious stones… It’s as if AOKO SU was crafted specifically with STH aesthetic in mind. This absolutely gorgeous jewelry line is everything I want out of personal adornments. They are delicate, yet strong and have just enough architectural interest to standout from the handfuls of minimalist gold jewelry … Continue reading AOKO SU

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Scosha Scosha

As a new NYC resident, I’m very excited to be exploring and finding new Makers to share.  I stumbled upon Scocha at the flagship store in Williamsburg just last weekend. The delicate but strong and colorful designs got me thinking heart shaped emojis everywhere.

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Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Pigeon Toe Ceramics Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Based in Portland, Oregon Lisa Jones created Pigeon Toe, “with a vision to create uniquely beautiful objects that incorporate and celebrate the extensive history of handcrafts”. I was instantly won over. Pigeon Toe has taken the age-old art of hand-thrown ceramics, stripped it down and delivered a product that is familiar yet like nothing you’ve ever seen. This … Continue reading Pigeon Toe Ceramics

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Left On Houston

Left On Houston Left On Houston

It’s no secret I heart sweaters. Cozy winter wool sweaters, lightweight summer sweaters, layering sweaters over sweaters… I wear sweaters all year round. Being Canadian, I think it was ingrained in my soul as a child and it’s an obsession that has only grown with time. Maybe it was the constant fear of the weather changing and being … Continue reading Left On Houston

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Michelle Ross

Michelle Ross Michelle Ross

I was first turned on to Michelle Ross by my sister. She gave me one of her designs as a birthday present this year and I was an immediate fan. Michelle lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Using semi-precious stones and metals, she pairs her designs with everything from ceramics and glass to vintage findings. The result are pieces … Continue reading Michelle Ross

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Ink & Tailor

Ink & Tailor Ink & Tailor

I’ve been seeing a trend lately in textiles that I’m love, love, loving. Designers are utilizing photography to create beautiful abstract textiles that are used for everything from dresses to totes, to clutches and scarves. Ink & Tailor is a master of this intersection between visuals, textiles and design, and in their case it’s in the world of oversized, … Continue reading Ink & Tailor

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Lee Coren

Lee Coren Lee Coren

I love a good clutch, tote and of course, cross body messenger. Couple great styling of these with thoughtful handcrafted textiles that are independently designed and you’ve got a lifelong fan in me. Lee Coren hits the mark on every level with her dynamic collection of everyday essentials. Each Lee Coren piece is created from handmade, screen printed … Continue reading Lee Coren

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