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Amy van Luijk

Amy van Luijk Amy van Luijk

Amy van Luijk is one of those illustrators that just makes you smile. Her designs are nostalgic and evoke a certain whimsical charm to them. The color palettes, shapes, 2D style and subject matter, all reductive yet come together in a way that is warms the heart. Taking inspiration from her surroundings and picking up new colored paper everywhere … Continue reading Amy van Luijk

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Superfolk Superfolk

I often daydream of Ireland, romanticizing of the raw beautiful landscapes, cold damp weather and effortlessly country chic aesthetic. There’s just something so beautifully wild about it. Not to mention the Irish accent that makes me weak in the knees! – but that’s a topic for another day. 😉 Superfolk is inspired by Ireland and all of its romanic … Continue reading Superfolk

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Rolos & Icons

Rolos & Icons Rolos & Icons

Tony Peralta was born in the United States to Dominican immigrant parents and raised in New York City’s Washington Heights. A fashion accessories designer by trade Peralta was driven by political and social climates in his personal work. Specifically the cultural tensions experienced by those living in immigrant American communities. After a group art show ten years … Continue reading Rolos & Icons

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Woof Models

Woof Models Woof Models

If you’ve checked out my instagram feed you know I’m a big fan of animals. Dogs especially… My dog, extra especially. Dog portraiture on the other hand… not my favorite. That’s why when I stumbled across Woof Models I was pleasantly surprised. After a deeper look, I was seriously impressed at not only the modern and fresh … Continue reading Woof Models

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#FaceTheFoliage #FaceTheFoliage

It truly amazes me the invention and creativity in this world, and Justina Blakeney is no exception. She is a designer and stylist by trade but also a very successful blogger. Which, of course, means she has a very successful Instagram account, and besides her many talents that is exactly what we are here to … Continue reading #FaceTheFoliage

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I first came across MEEP! in my Instagram feed, while actually MEEP!’s illustrations. I’m a huge illustration fan and when I see things for kids that are both sophisticated and beautifully produced I take notice. With further research I found out that the illustrations are in fact for an interactive children’s book and the inspiration … Continue reading MEEP!

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@notmynonni @notmynonni

First, I’ll apologize for being radio silent for the past few weeks but for those of you who follow my Instagram account you understand. For those of you who don’t, I have been on vacation in Italy, a wonderful, fabulous vacation. And it’s taken me a long time to learn this, but when I’m on … Continue reading @notmynonni

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See America

See America See America

I’m a major sucker for vintage posters, traveling and National Parks. So when I saw this series of 10 posters I fell in love. Commission by Print Collection the “Works Progress Administration” (WPA) “See America” posters were done by artist and illustrator Steve Thomas in 2013. I just love the bold graphic style and rich … Continue reading See America

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@BrightBazaar @BrightBazaar

Bright Bazaar believes in the power of color. Founded by Will Taylor, a self described bright young chap from the UK, you can’t but feel all warm and fuzzy after reading his philosophy and bopping around his blog. He’s a color hunter, interior journalist and daily documenter of all things bright and colorful. If you’re … Continue reading @BrightBazaar

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