Woof Models

Woof Models Woof Models

If you’ve checked out my instagram feed you know I’m a big fan of animals. Dogs especially… My dog, extra especially. Dog portraiture on the other hand… not my favorite. That’s why when I stumbled across Woof Models I was pleasantly surprised. After a deeper look, I was seriously impressed at not only the modern and fresh … Continue reading Woof Models

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Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Pigeon Toe Ceramics Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Based in Portland, Oregon Lisa Jones created Pigeon Toe, “with a vision to create uniquely beautiful objects that incorporate and celebrate the extensive history of handcrafts”. I was instantly won over. Pigeon Toe has taken the age-old art of hand-thrown ceramics, stripped it down and delivered a product that is familiar yet like nothing you’ve ever seen. This … Continue reading Pigeon Toe Ceramics

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Left On Houston

Left On Houston Left On Houston

It’s no secret I heart sweaters. Cozy winter wool sweaters, lightweight summer sweaters, layering sweaters over sweaters… I wear sweaters all year round. Being Canadian, I think it was ingrained in my soul as a child and it’s an obsession that has only grown with time. Maybe it was the constant fear of the weather changing and being … Continue reading Left On Houston

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Michelle Ross

Michelle Ross Michelle Ross

I was first turned on to Michelle Ross by my sister. She gave me one of her designs as a birthday present this year and I was an immediate fan. Michelle lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Using semi-precious stones and metals, she pairs her designs with everything from ceramics and glass to vintage findings. The result are pieces … Continue reading Michelle Ross

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