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Revolution Design House

Revolution Design House is one of my favorite Portland Makers. Their work is clean, modern and functional. All things that make me weak in the knees. They first caught my eye with their Boxcar Set succulent planters. They are just so simple and functionally beautiful which is proven over and over again with how customizable and adaptable they are to design. I especially love the collaboration done with artists for this year’s Design Week Portland. I always think something is designed really well when it can live in more than one way and in more than one type of environment.

Fortunately for us the Boxcar is only the beginning for RDH. They offer a variety of creations all with the same attention to design detail and functionality. It’s this mashup that makes them especially interesting to me as a creator. Proving true to this are their latest two candle designs. They’re thoughtfully created to morph and literally re-design themselves as they burn. It’s this type of design magic that really excites me. When something that we all know and find familiar gets a simple yet genius makeover, forever changing it and posing the question, why hasn’t anyone ever done that before? I mean really, how are we supposed to look at “normal” candles ever again?

But seriously, Revolution Design House is one worth watching. I’m excited to see what they have coming down the pipline. They are Portland, Oregon based and, by no surprise, their brand philosophy is on point as well, “Love What You Own”. Well, it comes across loud and clear and what’s not to love about that.

Check out the founders, Dylan and Joe, below and click through to the post for some of my favorite Boxcar designs as well as the Madison and Campfire candles. Just in time for the holidays, RDH has a bevy of perfect gifts, should anyone on your list be so lucky.

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The American Pioneers of Chocolate

So if you know me, you know I love chocolate. Well, not just any chocolate, dark, rich, expensive, fancy chocolately goodness. I am sort of a rookie chocolate connoisseur or to be honest, snob. At work we actually have a chocolate drawer, because there is nothing that can turn a bad meeting or crummy day around like a piece of artisan chocolate. And my house, well, it’s fully stocked at all times.

Anyways, there’s a lot of great chocolate out there that definitely does the trick but when I came across Mast Brothers, it was chocolate at a whole new level; It was love at first sight.

I first stumbled upon Mast Brothers Chocolate while in New York last winter. It was beautifully displayed in Saturdays Surf NYC next to their espresso machine. I know, surfing, chocolate and espresso all wrapped up into one store in NY, amazing, but that’s a whole other post in its self, I digress. There it was, sitting beautifully on the edge of the gorgeous wood countertop, lined up in rows looking sophisticated, fun, bold and simple all at the same time. See the thing about Mast Brothers is before you even bite into the handcrafted chocolate you’ve been completely won over by the absolutely stunning design of the packaging. It’s simple, unique and gorgeous. Then there’s of course, the chocolate inside.

There is a reason why founders, Michael and Rick say they’re handcrafting the world’s greatest chocolate, because it’s true. They not only use single estate and single origin chocolate from around the world, they partnering with the best farms and organizations to create truly unique chocolate blends. From Stumptown Coffee to Main Sea Salt to Crown Maple Syrup, Mast Brothers is truly redefining the chocolate pairing. With no vanilla, added sugar, soy lecithin or any kind of emulsifier their chocolate is as pure as it can be. Using a different roasting profile for each bean and roasting in small batches by hand in their Brooklyn factory, the Mast Brothers are redefining the way chocolate is produced and the world is responding. Distributed to the best artisan markets, boutique stores, top restaurants and pastry chefs (Per Se and French Laundry to name a few) Mast Brother’s Chocolate has created a new “bean-to-bar” category that is taking chocolate the next level.

They’ve also taken their talent a step further and published a book about their story, philosophy to handcrafting chocolate and all the wonderful things you can make with it. From brownies to steak rubs, it’s a must buy.

If you’re in PDX you can buy at Oso Market + Bar, or check out their site for online purchases. Thank goodness for e-commerce!

And next time I’m in Manhattan, I’m definitely going to try and make the trip to Williamsburg to hit up their factory store and if I’m lucky maybe even time it right for one of their Chocolate Factory Dinners. My mouth is watering already…

MastBrothers MastBrothers2

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