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See America

I’m a major sucker for vintage posters, traveling and National Parks. So when I saw this series of 10 posters I fell in love. Commission by Print Collection the “Works Progress Administration” (WPA) “See America” posters were done by artist and illustrator Steve Thomas in 2013. I just love the bold graphic style and rich colors. They truly bring each landmark to life in a powerful but simple way. I think the best advertising makes you want to take action and these make me want to hit the road and go camping. Not an easy task!

The series is done in the spirit of the 1930’s originals that were used to bring awareness and inspire travel throughout the US.

Now, the hard question… Which is your favorite?

I’m especially partial to The Golden Gate Bridge National Recreation Area because of the unique POV on the bridge itself and Sequoia National Park because of the play in scale between the people and the trees. I mean, seriously. Those are some big ass trees or some really small people. Either way, it totally works!

I would highly recommend checking out more of Steve’s work here.

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Shohei Takasaki

Originally from Japan, Shohei Takasaki has shown all over the world and is now living and working in Portland, Oregon. I personally swoon over his use of rich, bold colors and their relationship to simple, deliberate yet delicate lines. I love how you can see the path his work has taken over the years; how it’s evolved and morphed into new techniques while still embodying the same raw emotion. His most recent simple line work with the pop of color is my favorite.

All month long, Shohei will be live painting in the W+K Gallery Space. For those of you in Portland I would highly recommend popping down and checking it out. Not only is it displayed beautifully, but also watching him work is incredible. You can see the evolution of the painting in a dark room on site and if you happen to catch a word with him, he couldn’t be lovelier.

Below find a sampling of his work and check out his site here.

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The Big Egg Hunt NY

Fabergé is putting to shame any Easter Egg hunt you’ve ever participated in. Today, New York City, launches the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt; a city wide hunt for 275 egg sculptures that stand 2.5 feet tall, designed by the likes of Jeff Koons, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Emma Clegg, Peter Max, Warby Parker and soooo many more. This is unlike any egg hunt you’ve ever participated in though. It’s a true 21st century scavenger hunt run through a mobile app, of course. Each egg is equipped with a beacon that allows people to find it via their smartphone, check-in and receive information on who designed it. The eggs will remain hidden around the city until ten people check-in and then the egg’s location becomes public via the app on an interactive map. Participants who check in will be eligible for some awesome lux Fabergé prizes.

But that’s not all, The Big Egg Hunt is a 100% charitable event benefiting Studio in a School, bringing visual arts to underprivileged New York City children and Elephant Family, saving the endangered Asian elephant and their habitat.

The official city wide hunt runs from April 1st-17th. Then the eggs will be moved to Rockefeller Center in NY and be on display as a group from April 18th-28th when they’ll finally be auctioned off by Sotheby’s and online auctioneer Paddle8. However, you can start bidding now online. So go get yourself an egg!

London hosted this event in 2012 as well as Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and Dublin in 2013. See image below from those Egg Hunts and my favorite Eggs created for NYC.

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The Odyssey and Oracle

Leah Faser is Sydney based artist and emerging talent to watch, per Vogue Living Australia and I couldn’t agree more.  Her lyrical paintings and ceramics are full of raw emotion, rich in storytelling and are just plain strange. Taking inspiration from folk mythologies and children’s tales her characters travel through a deep spiritual journey, connected by land, sea, stars and of course, fauna.  Her vases and jugs are particularly interesting and unlike anything I’ve seen in a while. I would love to have one of those vases on my credenza, especially the little man sitting on the books. So bizarre and lovely.

See more on her exhibition here. And find out more about the artist and her work here.

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Tony Viramontes

As a gifted fashion illustrator in the 1980’s, Tony Viramontes worked with the best (Chanel, Dior, Valentino,YSL, Pierre Cardin, etc) and rapidly grew a cult following. Soon other works followed including editorials for Vogue, The Face and Le Monde, album covers for Arcadia and Janet Jackson’s 1986 “Control” as well as portraits of movers and shakers of the time (René Russo, Paloma Picasso and Isabella Rossellini to name a few). To this day his bold and angular work stands out against the more delicate fashion illustrations that have become the norm. Not to mention that they just looks so 80’s which I absolutely love (insert René Russo here.) Unfortunately his gifted life was cut short by aids in 1988 at the age of 31.

Lucky for us, this month we’re paying homage to the master of illustration. If you’re in the market, twenty-five of his original works went on sale yesterday on 1stDibs. If only a girl was so lucky! Bergdorf Goodman is also doing a Viramontes tribute in their windows this month and next month a monograph of his life hits shelves, “Bold, Beautiful and Damed” (Laurence King, $50).

For a great piece on the artist, check out 1stDibs introspective story here. 

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Virginia Frances Sterrett

I just adore these illustrations and to my surprise they are not from our modern day. The artist, Virgina was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1900. Her artistic talent landed her a full scholarship the the Art Institute of Chicago and commissioned work to illustrate Fairytales. With a sick mother she was the sole provider of her family until she herself became ill and was diagnosed with tuberculosis.  She was a strong woman and talented artist. A true modern women. Her work transcends generations and is as timeless today as it was in early 1900’s.

Read more about her here. And buy prints here.

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