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Zash: A Country Boutique Hotel

I’m taking a trip to Italy in a few months and couldn’t be more excited. There’s nothing I like more than traveling this amazing world, exploring the unknown, discovering new favorite places,¬†and creating stories to tell for years to come. Scoping out the area before I go wheels up is more than part of the fun for me. So, needless to say I’ve been doing a lot of research on Sicily of late.

In my search, I found Zash. Located in the province of Catania, in countryside just south of Taormina, Zash is set between Mt. Etna and the Ionian Sea. It’s a beautiful juxtaposition between old world and new. Originally the main house operated as a late summer vacation home to wealthy families as well as a winery and the grounds, a vineyard and a citrus grove. Today guests enjoy all of these original splendors with a few modern twists. Renovated to keep its original bones the property is a perfect dichotomy between traditional and modern. Exposed cellar walls giveaway to crisp white bedding and floating glass vanities. The grounds are not short of a park with citrus trees in abundance and an infinity pool to lounge by. With only 9 rooms Zash is an intimate stay. You can book into the main house, the cellar or in one of two rooms completely immersed in the garden, walled by glass and surrounded by citrus trees.

In the press kit the name Zash is described as follows:

Zash is the deep nature of sound, its verbal repossession, the sound of the air within the leaves, the burst of a tester within its flowing movements, it’s one of the infinite sounds that can only be heard and enjoyed by living in the countryside.

I don’t know about you but book me in.

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