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Willyum Beck’s Collages

I have always been a huge fan of mixed media. I love the juxtaposition of the materials and how each naturally plays off one another in surprising and interesting ways. Willyum Beck’s collages are striking examples of this. Not only are they a mix of physical materials they are a mix of cultural ideas that have an inherent and beautiful tension to them. These works are delivering an interesting take on the American Dream, flipping it on its head so that we question the meaning of the common imagery we are seeing; imagery we usually take for granted and don’t think about too much about. This exploration of meaning is what makes these pieces really sing. Check out a sampling of Willyum’s collages below. And if you’re interesting in purchasing, you’re in luck. Just jump over to his Etsy store. But hurry up, these are one-of-a kind!

Willyum is a cultural explorer who has a knack for finding and exasperating culture at its core. As an Art Director based in Portland, Oregon these collages are only one part of Willyum’s talent. Follow him on Tumblr, Twitter, IG and of course check out his site. Keeping us on our toes, Willyum’s always one step ahead and definitely a worth keeping an eye on.


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Before They Pass Away

There is nothing I value more in this world than travel. Learning about different cultures and how they communicate, live and function is incredibly important to our happiness as people of the 21st century. In this collection of work by Jimmy Nelson he not only captures the beauty and extremes of different cultures, he captures some of last indigenous peoples of the world, 29 tribes to be exact; living among them, learning their customs, eating their food and earning their trust. The result is a timeless, stunning body of work full of powerful raw emotion, invaluable to our history as people.

Below find, in no particular order, a few of my favorite shots. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

To see the entire collection, learn more about the project, order prints and hear Jimmy’s TED Talk please visit beforethey.com. To buy his book on the project head here.

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