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Ty Wilkins

I just love this animal series done by graphic artist Ty Wilkins. The actual illustrations are done by computer but all of the textures and colors are hand painted and scanned in. It gives each animal a nice balance between the boldness of the graphic and the warmth the color pallet. Seems just perfect for any modern nursery. Check out more of his work here. And buy prints here.

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Jake Hollomon for Red Bull

Check out these illustrated scenes used as photo backdrops at this year’s Sasquatch Fest. As Senior Designer at Roundhouse Jake Hollomon created these beauties for Red Bull’s class of 2013 activation at the music fest. I don’t know about you but they bring me back to a simpler time of Nintendo circa 1990. Oh nostalgia.

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Virginia Frances Sterrett

I just adore these illustrations and to my surprise they are not from our modern day. The artist, Virgina was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1900. Her artistic talent landed her a full scholarship the the Art Institute of Chicago and commissioned work to illustrate Fairytales. With a sick mother she was the sole provider of her family until she herself became ill and was diagnosed with tuberculosis.  She was a strong woman and talented artist. A true modern women. Her work transcends generations and is as timeless today as it was in early 1900’s.

Read more about her here. And buy prints here.

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Sakura and Ryo Sugiura

In residential Tokyo there is only room to go up. Sakura and Ryo Sugiura a young couple with two children called upon local architect Akihisa Hirata to solve their spacial problem. The home is not only unique but thoughtfully designed built around a continuous staircase that defines the home from the middle. I love seeing how people get creative with unusual spaces and this is no exemption.

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