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Woof Models

If you’ve checked out my instagram feed you know I’m a big fan of animals. Dogs especially… My dog, extra especially. Dog portraiture on the other hand… not my favorite. That’s why when I stumbled across Woof Models I was pleasantly surprised. After a deeper look, I was seriously impressed at not only the modern and fresh feel of the portraits but also founder and designer, Sum Leung’s ability to completely capture the character of each pooch. One of my favorite things about dogs is how they can each encompass such unique and individual personalities. One look at Sum’s portraits and you know exactly who each dog is!

Each design is completely custom. Fill out a short questionnaire and Sum will take it from there. The best part is that 10% of each portrait sale goes to support an animal rescue charity. So get ordering. I want to see more of these lovely portraits out in the world!

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Maddie On Things

One of my favorite projects from the last year or so is from Theron Humphrey. One day on 2011 he decided to shake things up. He quit his day job as a fashion photographer, started a kick-starter fund and hit the road in search of people and their stories. (It’s the modern All-American Dream that we all dream about but never pull the trigger on). The heart of the idea was to travel across the United States and meet one new person each day, documenting them in film and audio; all the while his dog Maddie in tow.

Well as it turns out, Theron, a talented photographer and Maddie, a very very cool dog, formed quite an incredible team. As they traveled Theron took photos of Maddie, on things, in things, posing with things; her expressions and the shots he was able to capture are just priceless. Not to mention her balance! So much so, that they’ve published a book called, Maddie On Things.

The cross country tour, rightly named, This Wild Idea, has lead to many other projects and commissions including one with Pruina One called, Why We Rescue. A photojournalism project chronicling animal rescue stories from all 50 United States. Highlighting how pets change our lives for the better. Oh, and he was also named Traveler of the Year by National Geographic.

So without further ado, please enjoy some of my favorite images of Maddie and hop over to his site, This Wild Idea, to see the entire project. Oh and make sure to also follow his Instagram. Theron and Maddie’s adventures are far from over.

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