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Rolos & Icons

Tony Peralta was born in the United States to Dominican immigrant parents and raised in New York City’s Washington Heights. A fashion accessories designer by trade Peralta was driven by political and social climates in his personal work. Specifically the cultural tensions experienced by those living in immigrant American communities. After a group art show ten years ago, The Peralta Project was born to showcase his original artwork printed on clothing. It was a genius way to make his work affordable and attainable to his audience. However, as bold and impactful as the message was, it wasn’t for everyone so Peralta pushed himself creatively to simplify.

“One day I was looking art that I didn’t sell and I was like, you know what, I don’t really want to have this shit hanging in my house. Even though I was making a political statement, it wasn’t making me feel good.” – Tony Peralta Continue reading Rolos & Icons

The American Pioneers of Chocolate

So if you know me, you know I love chocolate. Well, not just any chocolate, dark, rich, expensive, fancy chocolately goodness. I am sort of a rookie chocolate connoisseur or to be honest, snob. At work we actually have a chocolate drawer, because there is nothing that can turn a bad meeting or crummy day around like a piece of artisan chocolate. And my house, well, it’s fully stocked at all times.

Anyways, there’s a lot of great chocolate out there that definitely does the trick but when I came across Mast Brothers, it was chocolate at a whole new level; It was love at first sight.

I first stumbled upon Mast Brothers Chocolate while in New York last winter. It was beautifully displayed in Saturdays Surf NYC next to their espresso machine. I know, surfing, chocolate and espresso all wrapped up into one store in NY, amazing, but that’s a whole other post in its self, I digress. There it was, sitting beautifully on the edge of the gorgeous wood countertop, lined up in rows looking sophisticated, fun, bold and simple all at the same time. See the thing about Mast Brothers is before you even bite into the handcrafted chocolate you’ve been completely won over by the absolutely stunning design of the packaging. It’s simple, unique and gorgeous. Then there’s of course, the chocolate inside.

There is a reason why founders, Michael and Rick say they’re handcrafting the world’s greatest chocolate, because it’s true. They not only use single estate and single origin chocolate from around the world, they partnering with the best farms and organizations to create truly unique chocolate blends. From Stumptown Coffee to Main Sea Salt to Crown Maple Syrup, Mast Brothers is truly redefining the chocolate pairing. With no vanilla, added sugar, soy lecithin or any kind of emulsifier their chocolate is as pure as it can be. Using a different roasting profile for each bean and roasting in small batches by hand in their Brooklyn factory, the Mast Brothers are redefining the way chocolate is produced and the world is responding. Distributed to the best artisan markets, boutique stores, top restaurants and pastry chefs (Per Se and French Laundry to name a few) Mast Brother’s Chocolate has created a new “bean-to-bar” category that is taking chocolate the next level.

They’ve also taken their talent a step further and published a book about their story, philosophy to handcrafting chocolate and all the wonderful things you can make with it. From brownies to steak rubs, it’s a must buy.

If you’re in PDX you can buy at Oso Market + Bar, or check out their site for online purchases. Thank goodness for e-commerce!

And next time I’m in Manhattan, I’m definitely going to try and make the trip to Williamsburg to hit up their factory store and if I’m lucky maybe even time it right for one of their Chocolate Factory Dinners. My mouth is watering already…

MastBrothers MastBrothers2

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It truly amazes me the invention and creativity in this world, and Justina Blakeney is no exception. She is a designer and stylist by trade but also a very successful blogger. Which, of course, means she has a very successful Instagram account, and besides her many talents that is exactly what we are here to talk about today. She posts beautifully art directed boho-chic images of color and flowers as well as perfectly captured snaps of her son giggling in the sunlight. But she also posts these amazing portraits she creates out of found sticks, flowers, driftwood and leaves among other pieces of nature. Each comes with an odd and/or sassy tagline and truly takes on a personality of its own. The best part is the project is called and tagged #FaceTheFoliage, which is endearing in its own right. Find a sampling of my favorites below and if you’re looking for a smile each day in your Insta feed makes sure to follow Justina here.

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First, I’ll apologize for being radio silent for the past few weeks but for those of you who follow my Instagram account you understand. For those of you who don’t, I have been on vacation in Italy, a wonderful, fabulous vacation. And it’s taken me a long time to learn this, but when I’m on vacation, I’m on vacation. Which means no work email and no blogging. However, I’m very excited for the next few weeks as I have a lot of creative energy and ideas to unleash on you all that have been piling up over my break.

So in the spirit of Italy is my first post back. There are definitely some ingenious Instagram accounts out there that we all know and love but this was a new one for me. And on the coattail of my trip, I think it’s just fabulous. The account is called, Not My Nonni (genius) and is the brainchild of blogger Tiana Kai, who lives and works in Florence, Italy.

I have personally always had an obsession with older people. They have so much personality and depth and usually a strong point-of-view as well as having this untouchable wisdom of life. All things I value. Couple that with an international flair and you’ve got a winner.

Tiana has been documenting the older set in Italy and users are now using her has tag #notmynonni which she adds to her feed. It’s just brilliant. Take a look below at some of my favorites and make sure to follow @notmynonni for a little extra feel good imagery each morning in your Instagram feed.

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See America

I’m a major sucker for vintage posters, traveling and National Parks. So when I saw this series of 10 posters I fell in love. Commission by Print Collection the “Works Progress Administration” (WPA) “See America” posters were done by artist and illustrator Steve Thomas in 2013. I just love the bold graphic style and rich colors. They truly bring each landmark to life in a powerful but simple way. I think the best advertising makes you want to take action and these make me want to hit the road and go camping. Not an easy task!

The series is done in the spirit of the 1930’s originals that were used to bring awareness and inspire travel throughout the US.

Now, the hard question… Which is your favorite?

I’m especially partial to The Golden Gate Bridge National Recreation Area because of the unique POV on the bridge itself and Sequoia National Park because of the play in scale between the people and the trees. I mean, seriously. Those are some big ass trees or some really small people. Either way, it totally works!

I would highly recommend checking out more of Steve’s work here.

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Bright Bazaar believes in the power of color. Founded by Will Taylor, a self described bright young chap from the UK, you can’t but feel all warm and fuzzy after reading his philosophy and bopping around his blog. He’s a color hunter, interior journalist and daily documenter of all things bright and colorful. If you’re not already following him in Instagram I suggest you do. There’s nothing quite like a nice pop of color to make me happy. His posts and hashtag #makeyousmilestyle hit the nail on the head.

Check out some of my favorites from this Instagram feed below. And check out his blog here. Oh and did I mention he’s got a new book out called, rightfully so, Bright Bazaar. You can buy that here.

Bright Bazaar Bright Bazaar2 Bright Bazaar3Bright Bazaar4 Bright Bazaar7Bright Bazaar6Bright Bazaar5Bright Bazaar8

Before They Pass Away

There is nothing I value more in this world than travel. Learning about different cultures and how they communicate, live and function is incredibly important to our happiness as people of the 21st century. In this collection of work by Jimmy Nelson he not only captures the beauty and extremes of different cultures, he captures some of last indigenous peoples of the world, 29 tribes to be exact; living among them, learning their customs, eating their food and earning their trust. The result is a timeless, stunning body of work full of powerful raw emotion, invaluable to our history as people.

Below find, in no particular order, a few of my favorite shots. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

To see the entire collection, learn more about the project, order prints and hear Jimmy’s TED Talk please visit beforethey.com. To buy his book on the project head here.

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I was turned on to this instagram account by a Swedish friend about a year ago an it’s absolutely brilliant. Hans Malm captures people in and around Stockholm on their smartphones unknowingly to them. By showing how connected we are, he undoubtedly shows how disconnected we are to each other. This concept is not anything new and something that we all struggle with the realities of everyday but somehow he manages to make it look fresh. His photographic eye and use of light, space and shadow doesn’t hurt either. Follow him here. And check out his book here.

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Ty Wilkins

I just love this animal series done by graphic artist Ty Wilkins. The actual illustrations are done by computer but all of the textures and colors are hand painted and scanned in. It gives each animal a nice balance between the boldness of the graphic and the warmth the color pallet. Seems just perfect for any modern nursery. Check out more of his work here. And buy prints here.

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Jake Hollomon for Red Bull

Check out these illustrated scenes used as photo backdrops at this year’s Sasquatch Fest. As Senior Designer at Roundhouse Jake Hollomon created these beauties for Red Bull’s class of 2013 activation at the music fest. I don’t know about you but they bring me back to a simpler time of Nintendo circa 1990. Oh nostalgia.

Follow Jake for more awesome illustrations on his blog here. Continue reading Jake Hollomon for Red Bull