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Cherry Wood B&B

Anyone who knows me knows I like horses. And wine. And glamping. Now, combine all three of those together and you’ve got an undeniable winner.

Cherry Wood B&B is set just south of Yamika in the Zillah wine region. Owner Pepper, a long time cowgirl, has built the entire operation to be a place for her family to care for the land, each other and a place for people to come and feel free to be who they really are. Well if you can’t appreciate that, I’m not sure what you can!

But down to the nitty gritty details…

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Free Spirit Spheres

Nestled in the forest about 30km north of Parksville on Vancouver Island you will find Free Spirit Spheres. The mission is simple, to create a sustainable and harmonious way for us to use and reconnect with nature. The execution, livable spheres using the tree tops as their foundation, has been thoughtfully crafted and expertly mastered over the past 22 years.

The rope, which suspends the Spheres high above the forest floor, mimics a spider web and their spherical shape is model after a nutshell. Both these attributes give the Spheres amazing strength, with the proven ability to withstand the worst of any coastal storm. But more importantly they allow their guests to live among the treetops in rooms with no walls, corners or edges. It’s bio-mimicry at its finest.

Free Spirit Spheres takes glamping to new heights, literally. Not only does it give us the comforts we yearn for but also an ecological goal to preserve old growth forests with little-to-no human footprint. As if I needed another reason to get back up to BC but an eco-tree house seems like a pretty darn good one. The only problem is, there is only three for overnight occupancy. So get out that calendar and plan ahead!

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