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Grace Santorini

I have been dreaming of visiting this idyllic place for a very long time. The juxtaposition of the white buildings with contrasting blue roofs against the rough geographical backdrop is something I just need to see in person. Santorini embodies the visual stereotype of what Greece is, at least in my mind’s, to a tee. So in one of my rainy day research sessions you can imagine my delight when I came across this absolutely beautiful boutique hotel, Grace Santorini.

Located in the northwest of the island, set high on the Imerovigli hillside, Grace Santorini looks over the caldera in perfect position for viewing the dream making sunsets that the island is famous for. And just imagine how delightful viewing that sunset from a modernist infinity pool, with a glass of bubbly in hand would be. Grace has really hit the nail on the head, blending the traditional Mediterranean style and color pallet with a modern twist. Crisp white bedding and walls allow for in-room soaking pools and the scenic caldera views to take the center of your attention (as if anything else could pull it away from that view!) If romance is on your mind, and how couldn’t it be after looking at the pics, Grace is the place. Really hoping to cross this one off the list someday. Romance or not!

Originally a volcano and round, Santorini now has it’s very own crater known as the caldera that is mostly submerged by the Aegean Sea and has created an archipelago of three islands. Santorini being the largest.

Images via Grace Hotels.

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