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Amy van Luijk

Amy van Luijk is one of those illustrators that just makes you smile. Her designs are nostalgic and evoke a certain whimsical charm to them. The color palettes, shapes, 2D style and subject matter, all reductive yet come together in a way that is warms the heart. Taking inspiration from her surroundings and picking up new colored paper everywhere she goes, Amy’s process includes a lot of cutting and pasting followed by hand drawn detail work. A pattern designer first, Amy has a breadth of experience under her belt including working for Meri Meri, which for any stationery junkies, is pretty much the holy grail of handmade cards and party favors. Below are some of my favorite designs, both from personal and commissioned pieces. Find Amy’s work on stationery, ceramics, canvas bags, book illustrations and more. Personally I think a few of these would make lovely wallpapers for children’s rooms especially the illustrated maps which you could customize for family heritage and interests. Possibilities are endless and the good news is, she is open to commissions and her patterns are licensable! Check out her entire portfolio here.

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I first came across MEEP! in my Instagram feed, while actually MEEP!’s illustrations. I’m a huge illustration fan and when I see things for kids that are both sophisticated and beautifully produced I take notice. With further research I found out that the illustrations are in fact for an interactive children’s book and the inspiration behind the book will make you want to buy it on the spot.

Andy Geppert, MEEP!’s author, illustrator and creator, found himself consoling his six year old daughter one day after school because she was being teased for being small and her friend for having red hair. The fact that this was happening so early in his daughter’s life made him sad, got him thinking and the rest is history. So, beside’s being aesthetically beautifully, MEEP! has a purpose and was born from a pure place, to celebrate the differences in each of us and promote sharing. MEEP is about individuality and being proud and confident to be, well, you.

Andy worked in Advertising as an Art Director for ten years before changing to focus solely on producing beautiful digital illustrations that speak to our inner child. His first book Little Big Tree, was a joint winner of the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Crichton Award 2010 and his digital illustrations are displayed in boutiques and galleries. Which means you can also purchase prints. Fabulous.

Lucky for us because Andy has generously agreed to make MEEP! free for STH readers for two weeks from this post date. So hurry up and download the app here!

He also has created a handful of beautifully designed printable activity sheets (displayed below) that are available for free download here. And if you’re in the market for some affordable prints for your child’s room, check those out here.

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Tony Viramontes

As a gifted fashion illustrator in the 1980’s, Tony Viramontes worked with the best (Chanel, Dior, Valentino,YSL, Pierre Cardin, etc) and rapidly grew a cult following. Soon other works followed including editorials for Vogue, The Face and Le Monde, album covers for Arcadia and Janet Jackson’s 1986 “Control” as well as portraits of movers and shakers of the time (René Russo, Paloma Picasso and Isabella Rossellini to name a few). To this day his bold and angular work stands out against the more delicate fashion illustrations that have become the norm. Not to mention that they just looks so 80’s which I absolutely love (insert René Russo here.) Unfortunately his gifted life was cut short by aids in 1988 at the age of 31.

Lucky for us, this month we’re paying homage to the master of illustration. If you’re in the market, twenty-five of his original works went on sale yesterday on 1stDibs. If only a girl was so lucky! Bergdorf Goodman is also doing a Viramontes tribute in their windows this month and next month a monograph of his life hits shelves, “Bold, Beautiful and Damed” (Laurence King, $50).

For a great piece on the artist, check out 1stDibs introspective story here. 

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Ty Wilkins

I just love this animal series done by graphic artist Ty Wilkins. The actual illustrations are done by computer but all of the textures and colors are hand painted and scanned in. It gives each animal a nice balance between the boldness of the graphic and the warmth the color pallet. Seems just perfect for any modern nursery. Check out more of his work here. And buy prints here.

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Jake Hollomon for Red Bull

Check out these illustrated scenes used as photo backdrops at this year’s Sasquatch Fest. As Senior Designer at Roundhouse Jake Hollomon created these beauties for Red Bull’s class of 2013 activation at the music fest. I don’t know about you but they bring me back to a simpler time of Nintendo circa 1990. Oh nostalgia.

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Virginia Frances Sterrett

I just adore these illustrations and to my surprise they are not from our modern day. The artist, Virgina was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1900. Her artistic talent landed her a full scholarship the the Art Institute of Chicago and commissioned work to illustrate Fairytales. With a sick mother she was the sole provider of her family until she herself became ill and was diagnosed with tuberculosis.  She was a strong woman and talented artist. A true modern women. Her work transcends generations and is as timeless today as it was in early 1900’s.

Read more about her here. And buy prints here.

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