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It truly amazes me the invention and creativity in this world, and Justina Blakeney is no exception. She is a designer and stylist by trade but also a very successful blogger. Which, of course, means she has a very successful Instagram account, and besides her many talents that is exactly what we are here to talk about today. She posts beautifully art directed boho-chic images of color and flowers as well as perfectly captured snaps of her son giggling in the sunlight. But she also posts these amazing portraits she creates out of found sticks, flowers, driftwood and leaves among other pieces of nature. Each comes with an odd and/or sassy tagline and truly takes on a personality of its own. The best part is the project is called and tagged #FaceTheFoliage, which is endearing in its own right. Find a sampling of my favorites below and if you’re looking for a smile each day in your Insta feed makes sure to follow Justina here.

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