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Baths in Bedrooms

If there is one thing that I like more than a big, deep, relaxing bath, it’s a big comfy, fluffy, white bed. Now, combine the two and you’ve found your way into this girl’s heart. Since the weather has been so dark and dreary I’ve found myself searching for these two comforts. Hopefully, one of these days, I will be able to make a bath-in-the-bedroom a reality for myself but until then, join me, by drooling over a few of my favorites sourced from the World Wide Web below. I can feel the inspired relaxation warming over me already.

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Sakura and Ryo Sugiura

In residential Tokyo there is only room to go up. Sakura and Ryo Sugiura a young couple with two children called upon local architect Akihisa Hirata to solve their spacial problem. The home is not only unique but thoughtfully designed built around a continuous staircase that defines the home from the middle. I love seeing how people get creative with unusual spaces and this is no exemption.

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