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Hotel Lautner

Originally built by famed modernist architect John Lautner in 1947 the property was meant to be a prototype for a master planned community on 600 acres in Desert Hot Springs. Unfortunately the plan never came to fruition and over the years the property fell into despair. However, in 2008 is was brought by modern design lovers Tracy Beckman and Ryan Trowbridge, interior designer and furniture designer respectively. They spent just over 3 years meticulously remodeling and renovating the property to bring it to the modern oasis it is today.

Furnished with vintage modern furniture and landscaped with dessert cacti and succulents, staying at Hotel Lautner is like living in a mid-century modern terrarium.  The hotel stays true to Lautner’s original design while catering to today’s modern traveler.

The owners have done an impeccable job restoring it and honoring the architect. No small detail has been left neglected. Each room even comes with a John Lautner DVD where you can learn more about the master behind your tranquil retreat. Within five minutes of meeting Tracy and being given a tour of the hotel you can tell that restoring it was not only a labor of love but satiated a deep passion to preserve something special. Something that we can never recreate. An ethos I personally care a great deal about.

“We are thankful that we had the opportunity to bring this very special property back to life and to share it with fellow architecture lovers from around the world.” – Tracy Beckmann & Ryan Trowbridge

Hotel Lautner is a one-of-a kind place. I had the great pleasure of staying here last February and find myself yearning to be back in its peaceful setting a year later. Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park are right around the corner which makes Hotel Lautner a great jumping off point. I urge everyone to try this place, even if just for one night. It will be a night you’ll never forget.

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