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Charlotte Stone

Charlotte Stone hasn’t skipped a beat after graduating from FIDM LA. Two weeks post graduation she was on a plane to Italy to make samples in Tuscany and the rest is history. Stepping out on her own under her self-named label, she is a unique talent. You need not 5 minutes scrolling her Tumbr to instantly understand the Charlotte Stone POV on the world; Sun kissed and beautifully soled. She is the ultimate intersection of impeccable craftsmanship, minimalism and fun. I mean her website is titled, “I’d rather be surfing”. Now that’s the kind of girl I can get behind!

Canadian born; yet another reason to love her, she’s always known she wanted to design shoes. Pulling inspiration from a library of well used and ever growing reference binders filled with magazine clippings, editorials and vintage inspiration, she knows she’s onto something when she starts to see her color combos and shapes over and over again in the world around her.  I know she’s onto something because when I go to her site I have what I like to call, purchase paralysis. Meaning I want everything and don’t quite know where to start! Currently going on is her summer sample sale. Act quickly and enjoy!

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Herboivore Botanicals

Based in the Pacific NW, Herbivore Botanicals was founded with the belief that what we put on our skin should be derived from 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients and highly effective. (Seems logical but I can tell you is NOT the industry norm, nor what most of us put on our skin daily!) With a degree in naturopathic medicine, Co-founder Julia Willis, decided to buy an at-home soap making kit when Co-founder Alex Kummerow was having trouble with his skin. Couple that take-life-by-the-horns attitude with a love for skincare and the rest is history!

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Revolution Design House

Revolution Design House is one of my favorite Portland Makers. Their work is clean, modern and functional. All things that make me weak in the knees. They first caught my eye with their Boxcar Set succulent planters. They are just so simple and functionally beautiful which is proven over and over again with how customizable and adaptable they are to design. I especially love the collaboration done with artists for this year’s Design Week Portland. I always think something is designed really well when it can live in more than one way and in more than one type of environment.

Fortunately for us the Boxcar is only the beginning for RDH. They offer a variety of creations all with the same attention to design detail and functionality. It’s this mashup that makes them especially interesting to me as a creator. Proving true to this are their latest two candle designs. They’re thoughtfully created to morph and literally re-design themselves as they burn. It’s this type of design magic that really excites me. When something that we all know and find familiar gets a simple yet genius makeover, forever changing it and posing the question, why hasn’t anyone ever done that before? I mean really, how are we supposed to look at “normal” candles ever again?

But seriously, Revolution Design House is one worth watching. I’m excited to see what they have coming down the pipline. They are Portland, Oregon based and, by no surprise, their brand philosophy is on point as well, “Love What You Own”. Well, it comes across loud and clear and what’s not to love about that.

Check out the founders, Dylan and Joe, below and click through to the post for some of my favorite Boxcar designs as well as the Madison and Campfire candles. Just in time for the holidays, RDH has a bevy of perfect gifts, should anyone on your list be so lucky.

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Michelle Ross

I was first turned on to Michelle Ross by my sister. She gave me one of her designs as a birthday present this year and I was an immediate fan.

Michelle lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Using semi-precious stones and metals, she pairs her designs with everything from ceramics and glass to vintage findings. The result are pieces that are equal parts feminine and strong. They carry an undeniable weight that has an old world quality yet in the same breath feels fresh and modern. Each piece has the transformative ability to paired with almost anything in your closet, accessorizing a formal outfit or my favorite, juxtaposing your favorite white t-shirt.

Check out some of my favorites below from her most recent and past collections. Her imagery and how she styles each collection is just fantastic. I personally love the editoral.

Make sure to hop over to her site to see more designs or her e-com to get your shop on. Enjoy!

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