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Minimalist, modern, gold jewelry handmade in the United States with precious and semi-precious stones… It’s as if AOKO SU was crafted specifically with STH aesthetic in mind. This absolutely gorgeous jewelry line is everything I want out of personal adornments. They are delicate, yet strong and have just enough architectural interest to standout from the handfuls of minimalist gold jewelry that’s flooded the marketplace in the past couple of years. There’s something raw and special about this line. Bold but quite. Strong but delicate.

Designer Ashley Jerman is a true talent and quintessential STH woman. Without any formal jewelry training she has created a coveted line that is adored and adorned by the modern woman. Inspired by the raw aesthetic of Montana, the simplicity of Seattle and modernism of Columbus and Richmond you can feel how the intersection of these places come to life in each piece. I’m obsessed to say the least.

Shop AOKU SU here and for daily inspiration follow AOKO SU IG here.

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Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Based in Portland, Oregon Lisa Jones created Pigeon Toe, “with a vision to create uniquely beautiful objects that incorporate and celebrate the extensive history of handcrafts”. I was instantly won over. Pigeon Toe has taken the age-old art of hand-thrown ceramics, stripped it down and delivered a product that is familiar yet like nothing you’ve ever seen. This balance is no simple feat and each piece, be it tableware, lighting or a statement necklace delivers on this untouchable product design trait.

Thoughtfully designed Pigeon Toe walks the line of delicate and functional. May it be a kick of color on an interior glaze, wrapping handles with silicone rubber cord or the lack of glaze on the exterior of pieces, Pigeon Toe has done the unthinkable, making porcelain not only modern but also relevant again. I don’t know about you but I’m strategizing on how I can replace entire tableware collection not to mention a few votives and of course a statement necklace. Wish me luck!

For those of you in Portland you can check them out in the flesh at North of West. And don’t worry, for those of you not in the City of Roses, shop their e-com here.

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Zash: A Country Boutique Hotel

I’m taking a trip to Italy in a few months and couldn’t be more excited. There’s nothing I like more than traveling this amazing world, exploring the unknown, discovering new favorite places, and creating stories to tell for years to come. Scoping out the area before I go wheels up is more than part of the fun for me. So, needless to say I’ve been doing a lot of research on Sicily of late.

In my search, I found Zash. Located in the province of Catania, in countryside just south of Taormina, Zash is set between Mt. Etna and the Ionian Sea. It’s a beautiful juxtaposition between old world and new. Originally the main house operated as a late summer vacation home to wealthy families as well as a winery and the grounds, a vineyard and a citrus grove. Today guests enjoy all of these original splendors with a few modern twists. Renovated to keep its original bones the property is a perfect dichotomy between traditional and modern. Exposed cellar walls giveaway to crisp white bedding and floating glass vanities. The grounds are not short of a park with citrus trees in abundance and an infinity pool to lounge by. With only 9 rooms Zash is an intimate stay. You can book into the main house, the cellar or in one of two rooms completely immersed in the garden, walled by glass and surrounded by citrus trees.

In the press kit the name Zash is described as follows:

Zash is the deep nature of sound, its verbal repossession, the sound of the air within the leaves, the burst of a tester within its flowing movements, it’s one of the infinite sounds that can only be heard and enjoyed by living in the countryside.

I don’t know about you but book me in.

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Encuentro Guadalupe Antiresort

Just 90 minutes south of San Diego across the border in Mexico resides a beautiful boutique hotel that is spearheading a movement called the “antiresort”. This term may not be new to some of you but it was for me and as a lover of boutique hotels for their charming, smaller and more intimate flavor, it was music to my ears.

Encuentro Guadalupe is absolutely stunning. Set on a secluded hill in Baja California’s Valle de Guadalupe it’s located just east of the port city of Ensendada. Nestled perfectly into the hillside are 20 free standing, modern eco-lofts and a clubhouse that are intentionally meant to weather and age over time in the same color pallet of valley; slowly blurring the line between dwelling and nature. The design of the antiresort is modern and minimalist with clean lines and simple decor allowing for guests to relax unwind and recharge.

Situated in a Mediterranean microclimate (one of 5 in the world) the weather is much different than the rest of Mexico, as we know it, and is home to Mexico’s wine country. I know! News to me as well, Mexico has a wine country. Therefore, the hotel features it’s own tasting room as is surrounded by vineyards. The antiresort also features numerous on-site organic gardens that grow the restaurant’s vegetables. Add a pool, bar, jacuzzi and complimentary wifi to that and I’m sold. #antiresort from here on out!

The hotel was conceived by Baja entrepreneurs Juan Yi an Alfredo Acosta with the help of Mexico architectural firm Gracia Studios.

To lean more or book hop over to their site here.

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Hotel Lautner

Originally built by famed modernist architect John Lautner in 1947 the property was meant to be a prototype for a master planned community on 600 acres in Desert Hot Springs. Unfortunately the plan never came to fruition and over the years the property fell into despair. However, in 2008 is was brought by modern design lovers Tracy Beckman and Ryan Trowbridge, interior designer and furniture designer respectively. They spent just over 3 years meticulously remodeling and renovating the property to bring it to the modern oasis it is today.

Furnished with vintage modern furniture and landscaped with dessert cacti and succulents, staying at Hotel Lautner is like living in a mid-century modern terrarium.  The hotel stays true to Lautner’s original design while catering to today’s modern traveler.

The owners have done an impeccable job restoring it and honoring the architect. No small detail has been left neglected. Each room even comes with a John Lautner DVD where you can learn more about the master behind your tranquil retreat. Within five minutes of meeting Tracy and being given a tour of the hotel you can tell that restoring it was not only a labor of love but satiated a deep passion to preserve something special. Something that we can never recreate. An ethos I personally care a great deal about.

“We are thankful that we had the opportunity to bring this very special property back to life and to share it with fellow architecture lovers from around the world.” – Tracy Beckmann & Ryan Trowbridge

Hotel Lautner is a one-of-a kind place. I had the great pleasure of staying here last February and find myself yearning to be back in its peaceful setting a year later. Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park are right around the corner which makes Hotel Lautner a great jumping off point. I urge everyone to try this place, even if just for one night. It will be a night you’ll never forget.

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Martin Mulderfor Lucky Magazine

Martin Mulder’s story for the September issue of Lucky is cool, calm and statuesque. Each scene walks the line between real life and fiction. The use of horizontal and angular lines in the architecture, skylines and shadows makes us wonder if we are looking at a photograph or painting. Adding the pop of color to a select few, playing off the skyline in the others, adds a modern graphic feel. This editorial is a nice break from the over-styled norm making for a fresh, youthful and modern feel that plays off Fall’s prints perfectly.

Find out more about Martin here.

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Sakura and Ryo Sugiura

In residential Tokyo there is only room to go up. Sakura and Ryo Sugiura a young couple with two children called upon local architect Akihisa Hirata to solve their spacial problem. The home is not only unique but thoughtfully designed built around a continuous staircase that defines the home from the middle. I love seeing how people get creative with unusual spaces and this is no exemption.

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