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Ink & Tailor

I’ve been seeing a trend lately in textiles that I’m love, love, loving. Designers are utilizing photography to create beautiful abstract textiles that are used for everything from dresses to totes, to clutches and scarves. Ink & Tailor is a master of this intersection between visuals, textiles and design, and in their case it’s in the world of oversized, beautifully-handcrafted scarves.

Each scarf is born from a photograph, taken by the founders themselves. Some are wide open natural landscapes, some are industrial scenes and some are macro objects but all are beautiful and take on a completely new life when coiled around your body. It’s the ultimate transformative piece. The fabric is a blend of cotton and silk and has a wonderful delicate strength that each image seems to defuse within. And with the entire collection being made in the USA, what’s not to fall in love with?

Like I’m seeing with a lot of new small batch creative collections lately, brand voice and imagery are extremely strong and Ink & Tailor is no exception. Their logo is simple, modern and the concept behind it is lovely. Ink & Tailor is a collaboration between Maya von Geldern and K’era Morgan. Two lifelong friends who met in Art School over 20 years ago, August 28th 1993.  Living in Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, CA their logo is inspired by a postage stamp and that’s no coincidence. Deeply rooted in the Ink & Tailor philosophy is the respect for travel, new ideas, the convergence of cultures and, of course, the effect it has on our souls. Each scarf is accompanied with custom tag detailing where the image originated; a nice connection, rooting scarf and image in a deeper purpose.

They’re new on the block so show them some love and follow them on Instagram for everything from a new way to tie your scarf to daily reminders that beauty is all around us. And make sure to check out their e-commerce site. To welcome fall they’re offering 20% off for the rest of September with code SEPT20, so shop till you drop. Gift giving season is just around the corner. That’s if you have enough self control to buy one for someone else and not yourself!

Check out images below from their inaugural collection along with the photographs that inspired the textile design.

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Artist John Bell

I met John Bell a few months back and was pleased to know that he was the artist behind a favorite piece of mine hanging on a best friend’s wall. Bell is what I’d call an art satoralist. His style is contemporary and mixed but never straying from poking at and exploring the values of the modern culture and society in which we all call home. How excuses for actions not only at the personal level but also at the cultural and government level are in abundant yet, accountability is low. He tackles modern cultural memes and surprisingly his work, though brash, has a softness about it captured in the truth it depicts on canvas, whatever that canvas might be.

Bell has worked in all kinds of mediums and has explored all kinds of cultural happenings from environmentalism to celebrity culture. Like it or not his work is bright, bold and his headlines can’t help but make you smile. Personally, I’m a lover of mixed media pieces, where layers and layers come together to form something special, yet unique from all the individual pieces brought together to make it whole. John is a master of the mixed media piece, personally describing his style as a, postmodern mashup, which I think hits the nail right on the head.

One of Bell’s explorations that I find incredibly interesting is his dinner series, the third of which was aptly called , “The Next Supper”. Held at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Bell explored the connection between viewer, art and expression blurring all the traditional line and rules by asking his guests to join in, which in turn became the subjects as museum goers could watch the entire dinner unfold in the main gallery. As dinner was being served the guest could add to the canvas, the tablecloth, which was already started by Bell with provoking imagery and words. They were encouraged to use anything they had access to on the table. The result was an inspiring and surprising mix as civilized adults turned primal using food, candles, burnt corkscrews and wine to create. This is just one example of how Bell really pushes the envelope using culturally hot movements, this time the family style dinner, to explore something new. Take a peak below at some shots from that night as well as a few favorite pieces of mine.

To check out the rest of John Bell’s work jump over to his site.


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Great Lash

A little Saturday night makeup inspiration for us. This editorial in CR Fashion Book from June 30th really caught my eye, pun intended. I love a good black and white photograph but the contrast and styling in these images really makes them pop. They’re part glamorous, part badass. Now. Let’s. Dance.

CR Fashion Books editorial, Great Lash – Inspired by the rebellious beauty Edie Sedgwick.

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First, I’ll apologize for being radio silent for the past few weeks but for those of you who follow my Instagram account you understand. For those of you who don’t, I have been on vacation in Italy, a wonderful, fabulous vacation. And it’s taken me a long time to learn this, but when I’m on vacation, I’m on vacation. Which means no work email and no blogging. However, I’m very excited for the next few weeks as I have a lot of creative energy and ideas to unleash on you all that have been piling up over my break.

So in the spirit of Italy is my first post back. There are definitely some ingenious Instagram accounts out there that we all know and love but this was a new one for me. And on the coattail of my trip, I think it’s just fabulous. The account is called, Not My Nonni (genius) and is the brainchild of blogger Tiana Kai, who lives and works in Florence, Italy.

I have personally always had an obsession with older people. They have so much personality and depth and usually a strong point-of-view as well as having this untouchable wisdom of life. All things I value. Couple that with an international flair and you’ve got a winner.

Tiana has been documenting the older set in Italy and users are now using her has tag #notmynonni which she adds to her feed. It’s just brilliant. Take a look below at some of my favorites and make sure to follow @notmynonni for a little extra feel good imagery each morning in your Instagram feed.

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Before They Pass Away

There is nothing I value more in this world than travel. Learning about different cultures and how they communicate, live and function is incredibly important to our happiness as people of the 21st century. In this collection of work by Jimmy Nelson he not only captures the beauty and extremes of different cultures, he captures some of last indigenous peoples of the world, 29 tribes to be exact; living among them, learning their customs, eating their food and earning their trust. The result is a timeless, stunning body of work full of powerful raw emotion, invaluable to our history as people.

Below find, in no particular order, a few of my favorite shots. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

To see the entire collection, learn more about the project, order prints and hear Jimmy’s TED Talk please visit beforethey.com. To buy his book on the project head here.

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I was turned on to this instagram account by a Swedish friend about a year ago an it’s absolutely brilliant. Hans Malm captures people in and around Stockholm on their smartphones unknowingly to them. By showing how connected we are, he undoubtedly shows how disconnected we are to each other. This concept is not anything new and something that we all struggle with the realities of everyday but somehow he manages to make it look fresh. His photographic eye and use of light, space and shadow doesn’t hurt either. Follow him here. And check out his book here.

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The Feeling Of Summer

There is something about Henrik Purienne’s images that evoke a feeling of summer, the 70’s and a carefree attitude. Maybe it’s the beautiful women and beach scenes but I think it’s more than that. His style is raw, youthful and beautifully un-stagged. It’s moments captured. You’ll recognize his work from American Apparel Ads which over the years have brought in significant attention and connected with youth culture globally. There’s just something about his images that make me want to jump into them and go do something fun, naughty and definitely memorable.

Pickup his first book here and follow him online here.

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