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Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Based in Portland, Oregon Lisa Jones created Pigeon Toe, “with a vision to create uniquely beautiful objects that incorporate and celebrate the extensive history of handcrafts”. I was instantly won over. Pigeon Toe has taken the age-old art of hand-thrown ceramics, stripped it down and delivered a product that is familiar yet like nothing you’ve ever seen. This balance is no simple feat and each piece, be it tableware, lighting or a statement necklace delivers on this untouchable product design trait.

Thoughtfully designed Pigeon Toe walks the line of delicate and functional. May it be a kick of color on an interior glaze, wrapping handles with silicone rubber cord or the lack of glaze on the exterior of pieces, Pigeon Toe has done the unthinkable, making porcelain not only modern but also relevant again. I don’t know about you but I’m strategizing on how I can replace entire tableware collection not to mention a few votives and of course a statement necklace. Wish me luck!

For those of you in Portland you can check them out in the flesh at North of West. And don’t worry, for those of you not in the City of Roses, shop their e-com here.

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Willyum Beck’s Collages

I have always been a huge fan of mixed media. I love the juxtaposition of the materials and how each naturally plays off one another in surprising and interesting ways. Willyum Beck’s collages are striking examples of this. Not only are they a mix of physical materials they are a mix of cultural ideas that have an inherent and beautiful tension to them. These works are delivering an interesting take on the American Dream, flipping it on its head so that we question the meaning of the common imagery we are seeing; imagery we usually take for granted and don’t think about too much about. This exploration of meaning is what makes these pieces really sing. Check out a sampling of Willyum’s collages below. And if you’re interesting in purchasing, you’re in luck. Just jump over to his Etsy store. But hurry up, these are one-of-a kind!

Willyum is a cultural explorer who has a knack for finding and exasperating culture at its core. As an Art Director based in Portland, Oregon these collages are only one part of Willyum’s talent. Follow him on Tumblr, Twitter, IG and of course check out his site. Keeping us on our toes, Willyum’s always one step ahead and definitely a worth keeping an eye on.


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Revolution Design House

Revolution Design House is one of my favorite Portland Makers. Their work is clean, modern and functional. All things that make me weak in the knees. They first caught my eye with their Boxcar Set succulent planters. They are just so simple and functionally beautiful which is proven over and over again with how customizable and adaptable they are to design. I especially love the collaboration done with artists for this year’s Design Week Portland. I always think something is designed really well when it can live in more than one way and in more than one type of environment.

Fortunately for us the Boxcar is only the beginning for RDH. They offer a variety of creations all with the same attention to design detail and functionality. It’s this mashup that makes them especially interesting to me as a creator. Proving true to this are their latest two candle designs. They’re thoughtfully created to morph and literally re-design themselves as they burn. It’s this type of design magic that really excites me. When something that we all know and find familiar gets a simple yet genius makeover, forever changing it and posing the question, why hasn’t anyone ever done that before? I mean really, how are we supposed to look at “normal” candles ever again?

But seriously, Revolution Design House is one worth watching. I’m excited to see what they have coming down the pipline. They are Portland, Oregon based and, by no surprise, their brand philosophy is on point as well, “Love What You Own”. Well, it comes across loud and clear and what’s not to love about that.

Check out the founders, Dylan and Joe, below and click through to the post for some of my favorite Boxcar designs as well as the Madison and Campfire candles. Just in time for the holidays, RDH has a bevy of perfect gifts, should anyone on your list be so lucky.

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Yo Vintage!

One of my favorite vintage stores in Portland for women is Yo Vintage! They’re a small shop in SW Portland just off of Burnside. Each piece on the rack instantly feels special. This is due in no small part to the picking and buying abilities of the owner Sarah Radcliffe but also in the entire atmosphere of the store. Saying it’s a well-curated space is an understatement; it’s an intimate experience. Carrying not only vintage but a variety of artisan goods including a thoughtfully chosen selection of jewelry, clutches, hats, stationary, cosmetics and sun glasses allows the space to take on a unique point-of-view all its own. It’s so refreshing to walk into a store and be able to absorb not only the experience but also legitimately appreciate the quality and craft of items without being overwhelmed.

Below is their Spring 2014 Lookbook. I’m so impressed by the production of these. As a vintage lover, buyer and past seller I definitely understand the tediousness of cataloging vintage pieces as they’re one of a kind. But as you can see this only adds to Yo Vintage! charm.

Check out their site here. And next time you’re in PDX I would highly recommend checking them out!

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Besty & Iya Voyage

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret… Betsy & Iya. They are one of my favorite jewelry designers from right here in Portland and they have a new collection, Voyage. Pulling inspiration from three destinations, Portland, Scandinavia and Mexico, Voyage is strong, geometric and architectural; everything we’ve come to expect from their jewelry. But it’s also something else, colorful. The three destinations each have a color pallet that lends its self to the jewelry, adding just the right pop to give each piece a truly unique personality. I don’t have much color in my everyday jewelry so I can’t wait to pop down and pick a few pieces up this weekend. Check out the lookbook below and some key pieces from the collection.

Two friends who wanted to make jewelry and run their own schedules formed Betsy & Iya in 2008. They now have a fantastic little shop in NW Portland where they not only make the jewelry right there in the back they also carry other lifestyle goods. It’s pretty much a one-stop shop for any gifting needs, including that little reward for you. I hear there’s an expansion on the way and I couldn’t be happier! I wish these two all the luck in the world. I can’t go a day without someone commenting on my rings and I have Betsy & Iya to thank for that.

To shop online and learn more about the brand head over to their site.

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Shohei Takasaki

Originally from Japan, Shohei Takasaki has shown all over the world and is now living and working in Portland, Oregon. I personally swoon over his use of rich, bold colors and their relationship to simple, deliberate yet delicate lines. I love how you can see the path his work has taken over the years; how it’s evolved and morphed into new techniques while still embodying the same raw emotion. His most recent simple line work with the pop of color is my favorite.

All month long, Shohei will be live painting in the W+K Gallery Space. For those of you in Portland I would highly recommend popping down and checking it out. Not only is it displayed beautifully, but also watching him work is incredible. You can see the evolution of the painting in a dark room on site and if you happen to catch a word with him, he couldn’t be lovelier.

Below find a sampling of his work and check out his site here.

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Snow Day

It’s been anything but sunny in Portland lately. It hasn’t even been rainy. It’s been snowy. Really, really, really snowy. We had a blast of cold weather, now officially to be known as #Snowpacalypse and #WinterBlast2014. It was a glorious two sublime and surreal city days followed by warmer weather, melting, refreezing and lots and lots of ice. Which for the second time in four days debilitated a city that usually never drops below 30 degrees, ever.  So when it does snow in the city and we’re all still basking in it’s unusual glory (before the reality of ice covered “everything” sets in), what’s an urban dweller to do? Snowshoe in the local city park of course. Here’s a sampling from our snow day in Forest Park, Portland.

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