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Rolos & Icons

Tony Peralta was born in the United States to Dominican immigrant parents and raised in New York City’s Washington Heights. A fashion accessories designer by trade Peralta was driven by political and social climates in his personal work. Specifically the cultural tensions experienced by those living in immigrant American communities. After a group art show ten years ago, The Peralta Project was born to showcase his original artwork printed on clothing. It was a genius way to make his work affordable and attainable to his audience. However, as bold and impactful as the message was, it wasn’t for everyone so Peralta pushed himself creatively to simplify.

“One day I was looking art that I didn’t sell and I was like, you know what, I don’t really want to have this shit hanging in my house. Even though I was making a political statement, it wasn’t making me feel good.” – Tony Peralta Continue reading Rolos & Icons

See America

I’m a major sucker for vintage posters, traveling and National Parks. So when I saw this series of 10 posters I fell in love. Commission by Print Collection the “Works Progress Administration” (WPA) “See America” posters were done by artist and illustrator Steve Thomas in 2013. I just love the bold graphic style and rich colors. They truly bring each landmark to life in a powerful but simple way. I think the best advertising makes you want to take action and these make me want to hit the road and go camping. Not an easy task!

The series is done in the spirit of the 1930’s originals that were used to bring awareness and inspire travel throughout the US.

Now, the hard question… Which is your favorite?

I’m especially partial to The Golden Gate Bridge National Recreation Area because of the unique POV on the bridge itself and Sequoia National Park because of the play in scale between the people and the trees. I mean, seriously. Those are some big ass trees or some really small people. Either way, it totally works!

I would highly recommend checking out more of Steve’s work here.

Joshua_National_Park.Final_-600x776Yosemite_National_Park-600x776 Continue reading See America