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Madrid in 3 Days

As a main travel hub to get in and out of Europe Madrid is the perfect place to fly into and experience for a few days before heading off to explore the rest of Spain, Portugal or even Marrakech as we did! Madrid is everything you’d expect culturally and historically as Spain’s Capital, but there is also a budding indie art, shopping, food and craft cocktail scene that gives it an interesting edge. Visual juxtaposition was a theme that kept popping up from interesting modern-meets-historical architecture to big bright displays of street art on century old buildings.

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If there is ever a place that epitomizes going back to the simple imagination of childhood, it’s Sweden’s Treehotel. Located in Harads, about an hour by car from Kallax airport, the one-of-a kind eco-retreat provides views of the Lule River and the beautiful lush forest 360 degrees around. Inspired by the film “The Tree Lover” by Jonas Selberg Augustsen, Treehotel is a celebration of the significance of trees to human beings, allowing our harmony with nature to be rebalanced and restored.

Each tree room has it’s own theme, designed by leading Scandinavian architects ranging from The Mirrorcube to The UFO to The Bird’s Nest. Built with every modern environmental consideration in mind, guests are able to rest, relax and reflect in the serenity of nature high among the tree tops, some up to 20 feet above ground. But sleeping in your very own modern tree house is only one part of the Treehotel experience. There are also plenty of activities during each of the four seasons that guests can partake in, if you feel so inclined. And I certainly would, when the experience is a guided tour by snowmobile in the middle of winter to see the Northern Lights. Follow that with sleeping in The Mirrorcube and a trip to The Tree Sauna and I’m more than sold. Sign. Me. Up.

The Treehotel is undeniably unique; a thoughtfully designed experience with minimal environmental impact and maximum imagination.

Check out the each unique tree room below. I dare you to not dream of this place and count the days till you can experience it yourself. I know I am! Jump over to their site for more info and more breathtaking images of the rooms with modern interiors to go with.

Treehotel11 Treehotel24Treehotel21

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Grace Santorini

I have been dreaming of visiting this idyllic place for a very long time. The juxtaposition of the white buildings with contrasting blue roofs against the rough geographical backdrop is something I just need to see in person. Santorini embodies the visual stereotype of what Greece is, at least in my mind’s, to a tee. So in one of my rainy day research sessions you can imagine my delight when I came across this absolutely beautiful boutique hotel, Grace Santorini.

Located in the northwest of the island, set high on the Imerovigli hillside, Grace Santorini looks over the caldera in perfect position for viewing the dream making sunsets that the island is famous for. And just imagine how delightful viewing that sunset from a modernist infinity pool, with a glass of bubbly in hand would be. Grace has really hit the nail on the head, blending the traditional Mediterranean style and color pallet with a modern twist. Crisp white bedding and walls allow for in-room soaking pools and the scenic caldera views to take the center of your attention (as if anything else could pull it away from that view!) If romance is on your mind, and how couldn’t it be after looking at the pics, Grace is the place. Really hoping to cross this one off the list someday. Romance or not!

Originally a volcano and round, Santorini now has it’s very own crater known as the caldera that is mostly submerged by the Aegean Sea and has created an archipelago of three islands. Santorini being the largest.

Images via Grace Hotels.

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See America

I’m a major sucker for vintage posters, traveling and National Parks. So when I saw this series of 10 posters I fell in love. Commission by Print Collection the “Works Progress Administration” (WPA) “See America” posters were done by artist and illustrator Steve Thomas in 2013. I just love the bold graphic style and rich colors. They truly bring each landmark to life in a powerful but simple way. I think the best advertising makes you want to take action and these make me want to hit the road and go camping. Not an easy task!

The series is done in the spirit of the 1930’s originals that were used to bring awareness and inspire travel throughout the US.

Now, the hard question… Which is your favorite?

I’m especially partial to The Golden Gate Bridge National Recreation Area because of the unique POV on the bridge itself and Sequoia National Park because of the play in scale between the people and the trees. I mean, seriously. Those are some big ass trees or some really small people. Either way, it totally works!

I would highly recommend checking out more of Steve’s work here.

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